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16:43 Dec 15 2008

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Main hall of Sakya Monastery to be finished within 2008
11:21, December 12, 2008  

Tibet is scheduled to finish the renovation of the main hall of Sakya Monastery, main monastery of the Sakya sect of Tibetan Buddhism, within this year of 2008.

Projects to maintain Tibet's three key cultural relics include the Potala Palace, Norbu Lingka and Sakya Monastery.

Located in the Sakya County of Xigaze Prefecture, maintenance project of Sakya Monastery requires the most investment, highest technology and covers the largest renovation area in highest altitude among the three.

Renovation in the main hall of Sakya Monastery started on August 2, 2006 and repair by uncovering roof was postponed till 2007 due to unfavorable weather.

"We are expected to finish construction within this year and protection on frescos is underway," Yu Dawa, head of Tibet local bureau of cultural heritage protection said, "Assistant projects are to be bid this year."

Started from 2002, renovation on Sakya Monastery was estimated at 86.6 million yuan. "It is the largest ever maintenance since it established."

According to Yu Dawa, a total of 280 million yuan has by far been invested for maintenance of the three key cultural relics. Among those, 150.92 million went for protection of the Potala Palace, 62.64 million yuan was invested for the Norbu Lingka while the rest was pumped into renovation project at the Sagya Monastery.

The Sakya Monastery is also known as "Second Dunhuang".


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