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16:44 Dec 15 2008

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Roman Peach Blossom Village
14:18, December 12, 2008  

Three sides of the peach wood are surrounded with mountains and above it flows a river. This piece of tranquil and pretty land is apparently a nice place for holidays and planting fruits. In addition to the high economic values, the wild peach trees beatify the local environment.

The Roman Peach Blossom Village, 20 kilometers southeast of the Guyu Village, Chayu, has a piece of wild peach wood.

The Clear Water River

30 kilometers southeast of Chayu there flows a river- the Clear Water River. The local people view it as a magic river and the magic power lies in its permanently clean water. Whether the water level is high or low, one can clearly see the swimming fish, pebble and weeds in the river, thus comes its name. Many believe that the water here also has cosmetic power and so every day many girls come and bath in the river in an attempt to be more beautiful.

The Hot Spring and the Cold Spring

Tibet has the largest number of hot springs in China. Not like the hot springs in other parts of Tibet, the local hot springs are more like shy girls: quiet, pretty and courteous. Early morning is the best time to view the hot spring. Due to the cold air, the spring is crowned with white vapors just like a piece of dreamland. The spring water has healing effects for many chronicle diseases. To make a better use of the hot spring, a first class hotel was built here in the aid of Canton Province. In its two outdoor swimming pools the guests can easily see the snow mountains around, which is obviously a romantic enjoyment. The cold spring, unique in Tibet, is flowing near the Dongcong Village of the Xiaxhayu Township. The water is clean and sweet, having magic power for skin diseases.

Source:China Tibet Tourism Bureau

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