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16:44 Dec 15 2008

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Qinghai-Tibet Railway runs normally after earthquakes
14:08, December 12, 2008  

In this second half year, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway has outlived the frequently-happened earthquakes as the line equipment and trains run smoothly without any influence brought by the Damxung earthquakes, sources from Qinghai-Tibet Railway Corporation.

Since this June, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway has been hit by some 5-degree earthquakes, but all the to-and-fro trains in Tibet operate safely, according to Li Li, a staff with the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Corporation.

In order to ensure the emergency response treatment for the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, an emergency aid system was established to set up four rescue bases in Golmud, Tuotuohe, Nagqu and Lhasa. And the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Corporation also signed an agreement with Qinghai and Tibet for an opportunely informing system when an earthquake happens.

Timely response when a disaster occurs finally ensures the safe operation of the world's highest railway, the Qinghai-Tibet Railway.

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