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16:44 Dec 15 2008

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Sichuan-Tibet Highway
14:11, December 12, 2008  

Sichuan-Tibet Highway which was originally called Kangding-Tibet Highway (a section of No. 318 National Trunk Highway) starts from Chengdu of Sichuan on the east and ends at Lhasa of Tibet on the west.

It is 2,415 kilometers long including 1,304 kilometers in Tibet. On December 25, 1954, it was open to Lhasa (Sichuan-Tibet Highway north line). Since the opening of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway north line, Dongerluo-Zhubalong-Bamda south section has been under construction, and it was completed section by section from 1954 to1969. Key reconstruction has resulted in the current Sichuan-Tibet Highway south line, which has 1,285 kilometers in Tibet.

Sichuan-Tibet Highway traverses high mountains, lakes and valleys, crosses primeval forest and numerous dangerous sections. It has fine views along the line, with unique customs and practices. The opening of the Sichuan-Tibet Highway has played an important role in Tibet economic development, social stability and consolidation of southwest defense, and energetic promotion of East Tibet social and economic development. It is a link connection Tibet and southwestern provinces and regions and also the economic pulse of East Tibet. However, due to the social and historical conditions and complicated natural factor restriction, Sichuan-Tibet Highway is weak in disaster resistance, involving various disasters. To further improve throughput ability of Sichuan-Tibet Highway and improve East Tibet communications conditions, during the period of "the Seventh Five-year Plan", the state started to invest massive capital in opening maintenance, rectification and reconstruction.

So far, 612 kilometers highway section of the Nyingchi-Lhasa section and county transit sections has been laid with bitumen pavement, traffic congestion time has been shortened year by year, and car ride conditions have remarkably improved. There is also a north Line, which lies in northwest of Ganzi, it is the connection of Qinghai Province, Tibet and Sichuan province.

A: There are buses at the Lhasa passenger transportation stop every week for Chamdo and Nyingchi.

B: You can also hitching the trucks. The price is dependent on the agreement you and the driver make. If you hitching on the midway it is better for you to prepare some presents, such as cigarette, chocolate and so on.

C: Several respirators are necessary so as to avoid breathing in the dust turned up by the cars.

D: Landslide or collapse happen often along the road, please arrange more time on the journey.

E: The best time to Tibet throng Sichuan-Tibet Highway is Apr. to Oct. of every year.

F: You can have meals, which are most of Sichuan flavor, in the bus stops or the streets along the highway.

Chengdu-(152km)-Ya'an-(214km)-Kangding-(270km)-Litang-(205)-Batang- (105km)-Mangkang-(151kkm)-Zuogong-(204km)-Basu-(90km)-Ranwu-(119km)-Bomi-(216km)-Nyingchi-(219km)-Jiacha-(150km)-Zetang-(180km-)Lhasa

Source:China Tibet Tourism Bureau

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