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15:36 Mar 29 2011

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Travel routes for peach blossom tour in Nyingchi
15:32, March 29, 2011  

Sea of peach blossoms in Nyingchi.

In March, the mild Nyingchi gradually has turned into a sea of peach blossoms. Wild peach trees grow well almost everywhere on both sides along the Nyang River.

Looking at a distance, it appears that snowy mountains are embracing huge layers of pink clouds. And the best viewing spot for peach blossom is right at the Gala Valley.

Want a most suitable peach blossom tour? Following are some tips for route selection:

Route I: Bayi Town--Gala Valley (main venue for the 2011 Peach Blossom Festival)--Kasimu Village--Daze Village

Extending for 60 kilometers, this route is most ideal for peach blossom fans. It is definitely a good choice to travel around by bike to take a closer look at the he beautiful scenes . Bikes are rentable at Bayi Town, around 50 yuan per day.

The Gala Valley, designated as the main venue for the 2011 Peach Blossom Cultural & Tourism Festival, is the first stop along this route. Apart from a sea of peach blossoms, visitors will also get the chance to know about the unique Tibetan ethnic culture, such as the native singing and dancing performances.

Then, visitors are advised to drive directly towards Nyingchi County. During the drive, you will be indulged in the roadside picturesque scenery, cattle farm, lines of willows...the road is known as the most beautiful road in Nyingchi.

The third stop--Kasimu Village, is legible with a winding mountain path in front of the Nyingchi Primary School, also the gateway to the village. You will again have your eyes feasted on the densely grown peach trees there.

The terminal of this route is Daze Village, at the entrance of the Nyang River Scenic Spot. It takes about half an hour to walk from Kasimu to Daze. During the festival period, visitors will be able to experience the drifting along the Nyang River, a 10-kilometer adventure on the water.

Route II: Bayi Town--Mailing Airport--Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon

Peach blossoms are in full bloom in almost every village, big or small, scattered along the 70-kilometer highway between the Mailing Airport and the Yarlung Zangbo Grand Canyon.

Shutterbugs, in particular, would never miss the enchanting pastoral landscape: pink peach blossoms, strolling animals, clearer water, white cay, snowy mountains and Tibetan villages… all in one picture captured when standing high to the west of Danliang Village and Deyang Zhongsa Village.

Most peach trees in this area are wild, blossoms in white or red, estimated to have stood there for centuries or probably thousands of years. It is marvelous to walk in the groves of peach trees where breathtaking scenery changes almost at every slightest turning of your head.

Source: Xinhua

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