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14:58 Dec 25 2008

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Lhasa residents enjoy happy holiday
13:46, April 08, 2008  

The Tomb-sweeping day has passed, and as social order returns to Lhasa, residents are enjoying a peaceful and happy holiday.

The Longwangtan Park in Lhasa is the perfect place for families to relax.

Lhasa resident Lhagba Cering said, "Due to the riots in the past two weeks, I have spent the last 2 weekends idly at home. Now the social order is back, and the spring is here, I bring my wife and child to enjoy the smell of the spring."

More readers are returning to the Xinhua Bookstore. This Tangka designer is pleased to be back.

A Tangka designer said, "The instability has halted my Tangka design. Now it's ok, and I can use the holiday, take my time to buy some reference book"

During the holiday, many young people enrolled in classes such as cooking and management, to prepare for tourists to return next month.

Many people in Lhasa used the internet to pay their respects to the dead in the riots.


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