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10:15 Mar 30 2010

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March 28, great monument in history of world's human rights (2)
16:25, March 29, 2010  

The Dalai Clique and a few Western nations, nevertheless, took the opportunity of this historic memorial day to smear the Chinese government; Meanwhile, American media have, with an "abnormal enthusiasm", accused the Chinese central government of destroying the Tibetan local culture, civilization and language and prosecuting those loyal to the Dalai Lama with mandatory measures. Any people with the slightest historical knowledge, however, can see they have turned the truth upside down.

Moreover, it is known to all that feudal serfdom under theocracy has hindered the development of social productivity seriously. People in Western Europe have already contemned or discarded this very system in few hundred years ago. Today, the Tibetan people in the economic reform and opening-up have access to progress and social well-beings, and attained extraordinary, fruit-ladden socio-economic attainments and effected a fundamental change in their life, which is obvious to all.

Dalai Lama's objection to institutionalizing the Serfs Emancipation Day in Tibet is precisely because the democratic reform has deprived him and his ilk of their dominating position and they nevertheless still have much illusion today and are sentimentally attached to their old serfdom.

"Tibetan independence" forces have collided and worked hand in gloves with the anti-China forces overseas in an attempt to create chaos and turmoil in Tibet. The entire Chinese people, including all Tibetans as well as compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and Chinese compatriots residing worldwide, who belong to all but one Chinese nation. Linking by heart to heart and hand in hand, they take up joint responsibilities and the glorious mission for China's great rejuvenation.

As part of an effort to mark the first anniversary of the Serf Emancipation Day, the first group of overseas Chinese and Chinese Europeans has planned to come to their motherland on a study tour in June or July this year, which will enable them to take a look at a "dreamlike Tibet", a Tibet with a wonderful scene and a Tibet, where there is a plenty of the nature-endowed products and people are living in much contentment.

"We very much want to see, hear and experience things indigenous to Tibet personally, and take our reminiscence of all these things we have collected during the trip to Tibet back to Europe and proceed to spread them across the world." And people should really cherish and treasure "the hard-won peace and stability in Tiber, and the hard-won prosperity and development in Tibet.

By People's Daily Online and contributed by an Overseas Chinese national residing in the Europe named Zhang Manxin

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