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17:47 Sep 27 2011

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China, India should reduce "trust deficit" (2)
16:28, April 08, 2010  

China and India have a history of friendship for more than 1,000 years, and the Sino-Indian ties represent the most watched bilateral relationship at the focus of world attention. Both major developing nations in Asia, the two Asian neighbors are seen as shaping the"Asian Century"and an important force to change the world situation. Their similarities, differences, cooperation and competition are often referred to with great relish in the West.

Not long ago, a Chinese press delegation made a tour of India as guests of the Indian government, and it had had extensive, wide-ranging contacts with India's political, military, business, academia and press circles. In recent years, the mutual perception of China and India in some of the media exchanges between the two countries seems to be suspicious of deterioration, and this perception even runs counter to the political judgment and active interaction of their leaders sometimes.

China has been cited as one of the most mentioned nations in the Indian press and its rapid development has, to some extent, served as India's "frame of reference", but also often become a "target". What's wrong? Is it the shadow of history or competition in reality to blame, or is it ascribed to the Western incitement or by self-restriction?

Apart from the bright, excellent prospects India has presented, Chinese reporters also witnessed India's extremely complex aspect during their recent India trip. Late Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru had depicted India as a palimpsest with clear imprints left behind in its great and complicated history and culture, but not all imprints were wiped clean.

There exist incisive disparities in the language, ethnicity, religions and culture, and their diversity and dispersion make it often seem very "elusive"in thought, opinions, and even political dimensions. So, reporters with the Chinese press delegation seemed to keep watching in between the two different worlds, the new and old, the elite and poor, and the advanced and backward.

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