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17:47 Sep 27 2011

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China, India should reduce "trust deficit" (3)
16:28, April 08, 2010  

As a matter of fact, India has more complex feelings toward China. When "India and China were brothers"in an era of close, intimate ties in the fifties of the 20th century, the two nations jointly initiated the"Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence". With the occurrence of border clashes in 1962, "India and China bid farewell to each other."

To date, China has become India's largest trading partner". People in India are often talking about "India and China doing business with each other". Fortunately, people today hear more of "looking forward"instead of"letting the past stay in the past," as Indian Foreign Minister Krishna said during his recent interview with Chinese reporters. Setting aside recent suspicions and strain in bilateral relations, Krishna met with his Chinese counterpart, Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi, and he said during their meeting that there is "enough space for both countries to grow."

During Krishna's China trip, the Indian government's efforts to promote Sino-India friendship is quite impressive, while much anxiety and concerns were aroused due to an excessive amplication of some Indian media on such issues as the Sino-India boundary,"hacking,"other highly-sensitive issues and the pure Western rhetoric.

Indian media seem to observe China through the "eyes"of the Western media. Consequently, they lack real understanding of the situation in China and fail to make a judgment on their own, and many of them have come to be aware of this point. For China and India, both are growing or developing side by side, it is a severe test, however, not to fall into the mode of discourse in the Western setting and into the"checks and balances"traps, and how to persist in seeing each other with their own eyes and cool heads.

By People's Daily Online and contributed by PD sub-desk editor Wang Tian

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