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14:14 Jan 08 2009

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'Ngari Diary of Tibet' passes approval
10:50, January 08, 2009  

"Ngari Diary of Tibet", which started compiling in 1999, has passed the approval in the evaluation meeting on January 6.

"Ngari Diary of Tibet", records objectively and truly the history and current condition of Ngari Prefecture of Tibet Autonomous Region, southwestern China, giving much emphasis to the striking changes taken to regime after the peaceful liberation of Tibet and economic and cultural achievement.

The diary has preface, photo, summary, memorabilia, personage, biography, appendix and text, 23 articles all together with about 1.7 million words.

According to Pema Tsewang, vice chairman of Tibet Autonomous Region, the book is a valuable document for history and development of Ngari, the compilation starts relatively late and is carried on in difficulties as natural factor is serious in Ngari.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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