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11:21 Mar 02 2009

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Spectacular horse racing show on Tibetan New Year
11:16, March 02, 2009  

A participant holding a sharp sword chops off the branch on a horse, photo from CTIC.

A participant is performing the archery show on a horse, photo from CTIC.

Two participants are performing on one horse, photo from CTIC.

A participant lying on a horse performs skills, photo from CTIC.

A participant riding horse is picking up the hada on the ground, photo from CTIC.

The wonderful performance is arousing the crowd to cheers, photo from CTIC.

Traditional horse racing performances were held at Lhasa racecourse on Feb 27 (the 3rd day of Earth-Ox Tibetan New Year). Nearly 10 kinds of performances including archery show, picking up hada game, personal skill show on horse aroused the crowd to cheers and added festive holiday atmosphere to Lhasa.

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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