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09:33 Mar 26 2009

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Four go on second trial for tainted milk scandal
09:32, March 26, 2009  

Four people involved in China's tainted dairy scandal went on second trial at a local court on Thursday in Shijiazhuang, capital of northern Hebei Province, according to sources with the court.

The Hebei High People's Court began the public hearing for GengJinping, Geng Jinzhu at 8 a.m., and will begin hearing for Zhang Yujun and Zhang Yanzhang at 1:30 p.m.

The two Gengs are brother and sister, and both were charged with producing and selling poisoned food, while the two Zhangs were charged with endangering public security.

The hearing may last for one day, according to the court sources, and the judgment may be pronounced in court.

The Shijiazhuang Intermediate People's court has accepted a series of tainted milk scandal related cases, since Dec. 26, 2008.

At least six infants died and almost 300,000 became ill across the country after consuming dairy products tainted with the industry chemical- melamine.

In an open letter published in December, Sanlu and 21 other dairy companies offered 200,000 yuan (29,000 U.S. dollars) to families whose children died, and 30,000 yuan for serious illnesses such as kidney stones and acute kidney failure, 2,000 yuan was offered for victims in less severe cases.


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