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10:51 Apr 27 2009

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Tibet's annual precipitation rises in past 50 years
10:50, April 27, 2009  

The precipitation in southwest China's Tibet rose at an average annual rate of 10.9 mm every ten years from 1961 to 2008, according to the Meteorological Bureau of Tibet Autonomous Region.

Statistics from the 38 climate data stations in the region show that the annual rainfall recorded by most stations was on the rise, said Du Jun, senior engineer of the Cimate Cnter of the bureau.

The increased precipitation is found most evident in most areas along the Yanlung Tsangpo River, southern Chamdo Prefecture and western Nagqu Prefecture, he added.

Meanwhile, the number of days recording more than 25 mm of precipitation rose year on year, according to the analysis of the heavy rainfall and snowfall in the past 50 years.

Moreover, the region has had more precipitation since the 1990s. The 1990s had more precipitation than in the 1980s, with an increase of 58.7 mm. The region suffered more waterlogging than drought.

Higher precipitation is conducive to the improvement of the ecological environment in arid areas for a short time, and to the growth and recovery of forage grass on highland pasture, experts pointed out.

However, this may also lead to the frequent occurrence of floods and various geological disasters.

Although it is difficult for experts to make an accurate forecast of the clamatic changes in the future, they agreed that, in the next few decades, the surface temperature of Tibet will keep rising and changes will take place in precipitation.

Most studies indicate that precipitation in most area will increase. Clamatic changes will continue to have a noticeable impact on the region's ecological system and environment.


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