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10:30 May 30 2009

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Tibet's 1st tourist souvenir contest lines up 800 items
10:30, May 30, 2009  

The organizing committee of Tibet's first tourist souvenir competition received more than 800 items by the last signing up day, said the secretary of the Tourism Association of Tibet Autonomous Region.

The items feature a wide variety of contents and forms, according to Buwangdui.

"We have about 200 types of works, like sculptures, knitting, colored drawing, handcrafts and local specialties," he pointed out.

With the rapid development of Tibet's tourist industry, the market for tourist souvenirs is also expanding.

To explore the tourism commercial resources and push forward quality souvenirs, Tibet decided to hold tourist souvenirs competition, offering first prize at 20,000 yuan and last, 2,000 yuan.

The organizing committee and experts had preliminary assessment of the works on Tuesday and those passed the assessment will be displayed at the Tibet Museum, according to Buwangdui.

On June 8, the first Tourist Souvenirs Competition will be kicked off at the museum. By then, all people can go to see the works for free, he added.

All prize winning items will be recommended to souvenir manufacturerers, tourist spots or souvenir stores.

Meanwhile, the first tourist souvenirs summit meeting will be held on June 14 and the day after, an award ceremony.


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