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17:42 Jun 01 2009

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Customs raise fund to build school in Tibet
17:41, June 01, 2009  

A "Project Hope" primary school was completed upon the coming of the Children's Day in the village of Sangzhulin, Daze County, Lhasa, Tibet Autonomous Region.

Built on a fund of nearly a million yuan RMB, the school was named Customs Golden Key Primary School.

Commissioner of Lhasa Customs Zhang Weimin launched the inauguration ceremony for the school on May 27, and donated 10,000 yuan RMB and stationeries on the spot.

Walking into the light and spacious classrooms, the students were very excited. Qimei Cidan, who was going to have classes here said, "I'm so glad to have a chance studying in such a wonderful new classroom with a brand-new school bag given by uncles and aunties from the Customs. These are the best Children's Day presents ever. We will study hard and won't let down those who provide caring and help to us."

Previously Sangzhulin had a village primary school built in July 1995, which was in poor condition with several of its classrooms worn down by the years without repair.

Since July 2008, led by Lhasa Customs, a fund to build a new school in the village amounting to a million yuan has been raised by customs offices in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Nanjing, Gongbei, and Kunming, as well as the Information Center of the General Administration of Customs.

Source: Tibet Daily/Xinhuanet

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