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15:32 Jun 05 2009

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Hainan Airlines: Lhasa-Xi'an airline to resume on June 12
15:31, June 05, 2009  

With the development of the peak tourism season, the Lhasa-Xi'an airline, which had suspended for nearly two years, is to resume on June 12, sources from the sales department of Hainan Airlines on June 4. The Lhasa-Lanzhou airline of the company, which had suspended since August, 2007, also will resume in July.

According to a principal of the company, the company arranges one Lhasa-Xi'an airline out and home each day and the flight number for the scheduled flight is HU7858 and the type of aircraft being used is A319. It sets off from Lhasa at 4:50 p.m. and arrives in Xi'an Xianyang International Airport at 7:45 p.m.

Tickets for the Lhasa-Xi'an course have begun selling. Tourist groups of over 5 persons can buy group tickets at special rates. The Aviation Hotel on the right of the Potala Palace offers tickets at a 50% discount off and single tourist can enjoy prices at 30% discount.

In addition, tourists can buy joint flight tickets. Take the Lhasa-Xi'an-Beijing course for example, it only takes 1,400 yuan for the whole course. Hainan Airlines provides beautiful gifts to tourists as well and residents in cantonal areas can get their tickets at home free of extra charge.

People of this industry express that two companies (Hainan Airlines and Air China) running this course will benefit tourists. Up to now, the prices of flight tickets for Lhasa-Xi'an course have dropped compared to that of the tourist season last year.

(1 USD equals about 6.83 yuan.)

Source:China Tibet Information Center

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