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09:42 Jul 09 2009

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Frozen lake in Tibet's Shannan Prefecture cracks
13:53, July 08, 2009  

Qizu's Zhemaicuo frozen lake in the town of Kada in Cuona County, Tibet's Shannan Prefecture cracked on the evening of July 3. The 120 residents of the two villages in the lower reaches of the ice lake were safely evacuated, and no one was injured in the incident.

The frozen lake cracked at around 6:20 pm on July 3, said Gong Tongliang, deputy director of Tibet's flood control and drought relief headquarters office. Water from the lake poured out for nine hours with peak water flow reaching 51.2 cubic meters per second. Roads, bridges and some water infrastructure facilities have been damaged to varying degrees.

After the incident occurred, Cuona County immediately dispatched work groups to the disaster-stricken areas to formulate disaster control preparation plans and strengthen monitoring of the frozen lake to prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters. The local township government organized personnel to carry out emergency repairs of damaged aqueducts and the safe drinking water project in a bid to ensure irrigation in local farms and supply of drinking water for humans and livestock.

They also coordinated relevant units to repair damaged roads and set up makeshift bridges for pedestrians to ensure trapped residents' have contact with the outside. Meanwhile, the frozen lake's status is being monitored and post-disaster disease prevention work is being strengthened.

The Tibet Autonomous Region has organized hydrology, meteorology, geology, flood control and emergency relief experts to travel to the site and assist with investigation and post-disaster relief work.

By People's Daily Online

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