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11:05 Jan 28 2010

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China makes Qinghai-Tibet Rwailway environment-friendly (2)
11:05, January 28, 2010  

Ever since the railway opened, China's Central Government has paid close attention to the ecological situation along the sky road, emphasizing the significance of protecting the wildlife on the third pole of the world.

Wang Zhongyu, a senior official of the Qinghai-Tibet Railway Company, said since the railway went into operation, railway departments have introduced a environment monitoring system and drawn up emergency plans for major environmental accidents. They also made greater efforts to conduct monitoring on water, air, and the ecological environment along the railway, and observe the immigration of wild animals and the frozen earth environment.

To make the railway more environment-friendly, the company has also been trying to restore the vegetation along the railway since 2007 by planting grass at the slope toes and side slopes of the roadbed in the southern area of the Tanggula Mountains.

So far, 142 sq km of grasslands have been created. Along the 1,142-km Golmud-Lhasa Section, residents all use clean energy such as electricity and solar energy for their daily life.

Meanwhile, the company has also instructed its road maintenance workers that in the case of wild animal immigrating at their worktime, they should stop working to make way for the animals in order not to disturb them.

Wenga, a Tibetan protector at the Suonandajie Nature Station of the Hol Xil Nature Reserve, said that they have never worried about the safety of the wildlife along the railway following the erection of a one-meter-tall guardrail along the railway.

In the past three years, 33 passages specially designed for wild animals have been built along the railway according to the their life habits. Therefore, the historical routes for and life habits of the wildlife have not been affected by the railway's operation.

Source: Xinhua
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