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10:34 Feb 10 2010

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Melting glaciers in Himalayas worrisome (2)
10:32, February 10, 2010  

Fewer and fewer seracs on Mt. Geladandong can be seen these years. (Xinhua Photo)

"No one told him the greenhouse gas discharged by burning fossil fuels has resulted in the global warming and caused the glaciers melt at a worrisome speed. However, Ngawang's perceive is quite correct," Zhong Yu, a female scinetist, affirmed the lama's scientific "sub-consciousness."

Zhong has participated in the survey of Mt. Qomolangma and the Sanjiangyuan area for four times and met Ngawang two years ago.

In July 2009, the two ran into each other again. "I felt his concern becoming bigger. He has repeatedly complained the winter there is more like summer and the snow line of the glaciers retreats faster," Zhong said, "what he worries about is the future of Mt. Qomolangma."

A report issued in April 2009 by the Oxford Committee for Famine Reelief, a NOG organization in Hong Kong, shows that during the 1998-2007 period, an average of 243 million people around the world became victims of natural disasters annually and the number is estimated to reach 375 million after 2015.

"In the past decade, I've seen fewer seracs but more collapsed hillsides following the disappearance of glaciers," Zhong said, "What we're losing is not the melting ice and snow, but our human's tomorrow."

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