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17:14 Mar 15 2010

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Tibetan living Buddha's life as legislator (2)
17:14, March 15, 2010  

The documents cover issues from building the first high way linking Tibet's largest airport with the prefecture, to the environment protection of the Yarlung Zangbo River, the largest running across Tibet.

"Most of them have been adopted by the government, and some of the proposals have been turned into realities," he said.

Of all his works, the tulku is most proud of the proposal for breaking the monopoly of the aviation market in Tibet, which he spent two years working on and finally submitted to the CPPCC National Committee, the top political advisory body, in 2004, suggesting that competition should be introduced to the market so as to boost tourism in the plateau region.

Flights to Tibet used to be run only by China Southwestern Airlines. However, after his proposal was adopted by the government in 2005, more airways, including the China Eastern Airlines and Sichuan Airlines, started flights to Tibet.

"It's more convenient for tourists to come to Tibet, which is not only helpful to promote the development of the local economy, but also to make Tibet known to more people by letting them see the culture," he said.

Though he has to spend almost half of a year traveling around the region to make investigations on public issues, the living Buddha has never forgotten his life-long job of promoting Tibetan Buddhism.

He makes proposals on improving the life of monks and gives them lessons on Buddhism.

"I feel at ease when I realize my contributions are helping develop my hometown, both through my knowledge of Buddhism and my work as a legislator," he said.

Source: Xinhua

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