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17:36 Sep 27 2011

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Tibet's Qomolangma climbers (2)
09:57, April 08, 2010  

After graduating, the young men work for the Tibet Himalaya Expedition Co, the school's sister company. It provides qualified staff for expeditions and brings much-needed employment to Tibet.

High-altitude guides and kitchen staff trained by the school are also hired by Chinese and Western expeditions. Payment for their services helps fund the school.

The initial funding was 5 million yuan (US$732,456) from the central government and 2 million yuan from the General Administration of Sports, Cering Samdrub says.

Ozark outdoor gear company and others provided additional financial support and equipment.

The school covers 15,000 square meters, with modern teaching facilities, dormitories and rock climbing training grounds.

The first instructors came from China's Tibet Mountaineering Team; language teachers came from Tibet University. Foreign experts joined the staff.

"The school helps ease the shortage of trained guides, promote the local economy and improve people's lives," says Cering Samdrub, executive vice principal.

Hans Schallenberger, founder of Ozark Outdoor Gear, says Tibet has great mountain-climbing and tourism potential.

"China should have a professional mountain crew and that's my goal in helping to fund the school," he says at the Ozark store opening in Shanghai.

"With better equipment and improved service, tourism in Tibet will be more prosperous. Ozark will continue to support this."

The school is always looking for advanced equipment to strengthen its work. Donations of gear are welcome. Those interested can log onto the Website of Tibet Himalaya Expedition Co, the school's sister company:, for more information.

Source: Shanghai Daily

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