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21:20 Sep 27 2011

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Tibet donates mineral water to Yushu again
09:33, April 19, 2010  

Last Saturday, 100 tons of mineral water donated by the Tibet Autonomous Region for the second time was transported to the Yushu County after the April 14 7.1-magnitude earthquake.

The total worth of the mineral water is 700,000 yuan. Tibet had donated 1 million yuan of mineral water before .

"This time five vehicles with 2 drivers for each one are allocated to Yushu in order to send donated materials to quake-sufferers as early as possible," said Yang Guoyi, deputy head of the TAR Civil Affairs Department.

In addition, the TAR Civil Affairs Department has set a special account for donations to Yushu (the RMB account of Bank of China: 00070208092001).

Source: China Tibet Information Center


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