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20:52 Sep 29 2011

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Eco-friendly Tibet and Harmonious Home (6)
14:28, July 14, 2010  

Phurpu Drolma, head of the Tibetan Exhibition Team said emotionally, "In the past, only the nobles could afford to live in such nice houses and use gilded bowls. But nowadays new houses and gilded bowls are easily seen in ordinary farmers' or herders' homes."

A genuine Tibetan house model is put up inside the Tibetan Exhibition Hall to show how the local Tibetan people live now.

Beside the picture walls, a LCD screen was placed at the center of the Tibetan Hall, which was repeatedly showing a video of the the improvement of environmental protection and people's livelihood in TAR.

Also, some exhibits were displayed on the glass stands in the middle of the Tibetan Hall, which showed the indigenous products and materials from the plateau, such as mineral stones, snowdrops, highland barley and so on. Many visitors stopped by the stands and took a careful look.

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