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20:52 Sep 29 2011

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14:28, July 14, 2010  

Visitors are trying the touch screen to watch "the comparative photo show".

Xue Benshu, a 76-year-old senior from Beijing, looked pleasantly at the LCD screen and told the reporter, "People across the country are concerned about the development of Tibet. I am glad that there have been great changes in traffic and transportation after the Qinghai-Tibet railway was built, which helped boost its tourism and production efficiency."

"Besides, the work of environmental protection has been done quite well. Sanjiangyuan, the waterhead of China's three major rivers, should be well protected. Now you see, the views of the blue skies, white clouds, green forests are so pure and animals feel so comfortable in this environment," Mr. Xue added.

What's more, the advanced multimedia technologies were also adopted in the Tibetan Hall. For example, the "comparative photo show in the past decade" attracted many visitors who were all eager to flick the touch screen on which the pictures of the old Tibet were mopped away bit by bit and replaced by the new pictures of new Tibet.

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