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19:24 Sep 30 2011

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Breathtaking beauty of Yamzhog Yumco Lake
15:47, October 02, 2010  
Breathtaking beauty of Yamzhog Yumco Lake

Photo taken by Jan from China Tibet Online shows a breathtaking view of the Yamzhog Yumco Lake.

The beauty of the Yamzhog Yumco Lake is beyond description. Though I have passed by this heavenly lake for several times, the landscape in autumn did impress me so much with a view of another world that I've never seen before.

The Yamzhog Yumco Lake is a world of colors in autumn. The tranquil lake is as green as jade with ripples shining in the sun, peace and quiet, while the sunshine of autumn paints the hillside and valley golden, dotted with horses and yaks wondering around on the wetland by the side of the holy lake. Shadows of floating clouds that reflect upon the surface of the water looks like silk, of which I can only touch with my hands, yet impossible to keep it in my camera.

Driving along the Yamzhog Yumco, I was speechless from the very beginning to the end. As we finally made it at the top of the mountain, the bird’s-eye view of the lake laid my foot down and caught my eyes.

Sometimes, pilgrims and tourists put up sutra streamers and prayer flags at the peak of the mountain, hoping to be blessed with a better life. As flags waving in the wind, people's wishes, I think, are sending to the heaven.

Standing in front of the lake, I finally realized why Tibetan people thought that everything in the world is bestowed with its own soul, the nature is the place where we are coming from and going to return, and only when I am willing to touch and feel it with my own eyes, hands, and heart could I get blessed by the god of this world----nature.

Source: China Tibet Information Center
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