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11:59 Jan 17 2011

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Tibet agriculture & animal husbandry sees dynamic growth
11:58, January 17, 2011  

A hoggery in Nyingchi tries to keep its pigs warm. [photo by Rao Chunyan/China Tibet Online]

In 2010, the per capita income of Tibetan farmers and herdsmen reached 3,990 yuan, doubling the amount of 2005. This is the 8th consecutive year that Tibet sees a double-digital growth in this sector, according to Gyaltsen, director-general of the Agriculture & Animal Husbandry Department of Tibet Autonomous Region.

In the past 5 years, a total of 4.32 billion was invested in the agricultural infrastructure construction to improve the living standard of farmers and herdsmen.

Distinctive industries including yak breeding in northeast Tibet, grain and oil farming in the central area of Tibet and organic vegetable planting in Tibet suburban areas make another step forward, which motivated a bunch of key enterprises. Statistics show that Tibet has 13 key agriculture & animal husbandry companies with an overall output value of 1.54 billion in 2010.

"Ecological protection is another issue concerned by the government",Gyaltsen added, "We have set up a grassland ecologcial protection rewarding system in Tibet to maintain its continuous development."

Source: China Tibet Online

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