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08:57 Mar 23 2011

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Lhasa in labor shortage after Losar
08:56, March 23, 2011  

Shortly after the Tibetan Losar holiday, the labor demand surged immediately on the talent market. But the peak time for the recruitment and employment is predicted to come in April or May, a local newspaper reported recently.

Zou Yuming, director of Lhasa's municipal labor and recruitment bureau further explained over the current situation.

"Most of local workers will only come to Lhasa after the traditional Losar festival while inland workers won't be back until the end of March due to the bad weather," Zou said.

"Yet we have still prepared trainings for urgently-needed jobs. Hopefully, over 500 skilled workers, including drivers, agricultural machinery technicians and catering service staff will be available soon," Zou said.

In addition, Zou added, Lhasa will host a large job fair in late April to meet the demand of the labor market.

A survey shows that construction technical workers are most urgently needed. Mr.Yang, a contractor said he had employed a batch of workers from his inland hometown with alluring salaries just in case of the labor shortage.

From: China Tibet Online

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