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08:43 Apr 02 2011

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Tibetans benefit from improving healthcare system
08:42, April 02, 2011  

Since the Democratic Reform succeeded 50 years ago, China has earmarked huge amount of development fund for Tibet Autonomous Region, to establish and improve its public healthcare system, in both urban and rural areas.

Local Tibetans have enjoyed more convenience and benefits.

By far, Tibet has established a basic insurance system covering all urban population, and a medical system based on free service in agricultural and pastoral areas.

Meanwhile, Tibet has exerted more efforts to boost grassroots maternal and child healthcare in rural and remote areas, in a bid to further improve the local's health conditions.

A Tibetan passenger returning from the Shanghai Expo said she had two younger brothers, one of whom was a lama and the other was a student. She also said that her family's overall quality of life, including income, housing, education, and healthcare, had improved markedly over the past 15 years.

Besides, the average life expectancy in Tibet has increased to 67 years from 35.5 years before 1959, according to the People's Government of Tibetan Autonomous Region.

From: China Tibet Online

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