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08:27 Apr 06 2011

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U.S. report appreciates Tibet's forestation achievements
08:26, April 06, 2011  

"Along the way we observed several large-scale forestation projects to control erosion and prevent desertification," stated an American report on Tibet issues in March, 2011.

Last fall, a small bipartisan delegation of staffers from the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and Senator Inhofe's office visited Tibet to meet with officials and assess current conditions there, and later released the report.

Indeed, Tibet has achieved great success in forestation projects with the support of the Chinese central government.

Statistics shows that 250,000 mu farmlands have been returned to forests; forestation in the barren land and mountain area has reached 925,000 mu; mountains enclosed to facilitate forestation have amounted to 50,000 mu.

Further, Tibet has planned to increase its forest coverage up to over 12% by 2015, according to Tibet's Economic and Social Development Outline in the 12th-Five-Year period (2011-2015) approved at the 4th session of the 9th Tibet People's Congress.

In addition, Tibet has prolonged the period of returning farmland to forestry till 2023.

From: China Tibet Online

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