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09:15 Apr 06 2011

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Tibet's weather worsens in the tomb sweeping day
09:15, April 06, 2011  

Tibet will suffer from unfavorable weather during the three-day holiday for tomb sweeping, news from the local meteorological station of Tibet Autonomous Region. The weather forecast tells that the weather in most parts of Tibet will be cloudy and overcast and the region along Himalaya will see heavy snow.

On 3-4, April, Ngari and south Shigatse is snowy. Other regions Nagqu, Nyingchi and Qamdo will expect snow or sleet on 5th, April.

The severe weather may make the road slippery so safety becomes the priority issue for the vehicles and pedestrians as well. In addition, relevant authorities should also prepare for possible geologic hazard like landslide or debris flow.

From: China Tibet Online

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