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07:53 Apr 07 2011

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Nagri locals pay homage to martyrs on Tomb-Sweeping Day
07:52, April 07, 2011  

Local masses pay a silent tribute to martyrs in the Shiquanhe Martyrs Cemetery in Ngari on April 5. [Photo/Xinhua]

More than 5,000 people from many walks of life including pupils, officials and soldiers went to attend a memorial ceremony at the Shiquanhe Martyrs Cemetery in Ngari Prefecture on April 5, the traditional Qingming Festival, or the Tomb-Sweeping Day.

Qingming Festival is originated from Hanshi Day (literally, Day with cold food only), a memorial day for Jie Zitui, a historical character who died in 636 BC in the Spring and Autumn Period. Chinese people memorize their beloved ones on the day.

From: China Tibet Online

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