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08:00 Apr 07 2011

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Lhasa people sweep tombs of the martyrs on Qingming Festival
07:59, April 07, 2011  

Many people came to the revolutionary martyrs' cemetery located in the west suburb of Lhasa to pay respect to the martyrs and their beloved ones, China Tibet Online reported.

Lhasa people from all walks of life had the honor to present chrysanthemum to and burn incense in front of the tombs of their deceased ancestors on Apr. 5, 2011, the traditional Qingming Festival of China.

The tomb of Kong Fansen, a famous revolutionary martyr as well as a servant of the people, saw an endless stream of people to offer sacrifices and pay respect. Those who come include not only the orphans adopted by Kong in his early years, but also lots of other people specially coming and sweeping Kong's tomb.

According to the tablet inscription, the revolutionary martyrs' cemetery located in Lhasa's west suburb accommodates 833 martyrs in total, 330 of which are nameless. They have devoted themselves to the peaceful liberation of Tibet, the construction of railways accessible to Tibet, the Tibetan serfs' emancipation and democratic reform, the counterattack in self-defense on china-India border,etc.

Students and teachers from primary and junior high schools in Lhasa also took part in this activity to pay tribute to the martyrs.

Chokyi Sangmo, a student from Lhasa's Foreign Language School said: "The revolutionary martyrs had contributed a lot, and even their lives to our happy life today. We should cherish our life and pay them back with honors."

Qingming Festival is a memorial day when Chinese people memorize their beloved ones.

From: China Tibet Online

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