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16:34 Aug 19 2011

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Photos of China Tibet Qomolangma Photography Show
16:31, August 19, 2011  

"Going home" [Photo/China Tibet Online]

The photos have been selected into "2011 (the 4th) China Tibet Qomolangma Photography Show, an important platform to show Tibet towards the world and boost its culture and tourism.

Altogether 206 pieces of works were selected among nearly 10,000 pieces of works by photographers and shutterbugs from 32 provinces or regions around China.

The photography show, co-sponsored by the Chinese Literary Federation, the People's Government of Tibet and Chinese Photographers Society,

The opening ceremony and awarding ceremony for the show is scheduled to be launched at the Potala Palace Square, Lhasa, on August 28. The show will last for 7 days.

China's Tibet Qomolangma Photography Show, established in 2008, has been exerting an ever-growing influence on Chinese Photography through its unremitting efforts.

From: China Tibet Online


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