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14:05 Aug 23 2011

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Diversified campaigns light up the summer of Tibet
14:04, August 23, 2011  

When Tibet embraces its peak tourism season, a variety of campaigns including "2011 Tibet's Tour for China's key web media" and "1+N Tibet Hiking Tour" unveiled the curtain in Tibet.

Every August, tourists from all over the world are attracted to Tibet Autonomous Region in southwest China, by its various upcoming traditional festivals, such as Lhasa Shoton Festival, Ongkor Festival and Horse Racing Festival.

This summer Tibet saw people from all works of society clumping into Tibet for a varied range of activities.

"2011 Tibet's Tour for China's key websites" launched the opening ceremony on August, 21, with more than 30 journalists from 13 media participating in this activity. Sounds of Tibet's development and progress during Tibet’s 60 years peaceful liberation and touching moments to tackle the "altitude reaction" on the road will all be recorded during this media tour.

Another campaign sponsored by entertainment stars kicked off on this Monday in Lhasa. Sponsored by Chen Kun, a leading actor in China, "1+N Tibet Hiking Tour" campaign calls for people to actively go out and get positive energy through walking.

"Tibet is a magic place, I hope people could spread the energy from the Tibet trip to others," said Chen Kun.

From: China Tibet Online


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