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08:48 Sep 27 2011

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Voting of best 'Beauty of Tibet' paintings starts
08:48, September 27, 2011  

The first "Beauty of Tibet" Painting Contest reaches the final selection and voting period after one-month collection with 1,019 painting works from 372 artists. Ten renowned judges are invited to vote the award works among over 1,000 paintings at 9 am,Sept. 26.

The judge panel comprises of professionals working in the field of Tibetan study and art, including Han Shuli, chairman of Tibet Artists Association and Shen Kaiyun, vice chairman of the Tibetan Autonomous Region's Foreign Cultural Exchange Association, etc.

As for the principle of the voting, the organization committee reveals that the artistic and Tibetan perspective are both valued, and whereas humanity reflected from the works is also be cherished.

A group of paintings drew the panel’s attention that students from the Special Educational School of Tibet in Lhasa have created 17 pieces of paintings to support the contest as well as expressing their good wishes to the hometown with their brushes.

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