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08:51 Sep 27 2011

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Disabled Tibetan kids' works catch eyes in painting contest
08:50, September 27, 2011  

On Sept. 26, the first "Beauty of Tibet" Painting Contest reaches the final selection and voting period. Among all the 1,019 painting works, there are 17 pieces of special works which have drawn judges' attention. The authors of the works are disabled children in hearing and voice from the Tibet Special Education School in Lhasa.

Zhang Siyong, member of the judge panel, spoke highly of these 17 special works. "These works are very impressive for they are full of integrity and colors as a whole. The works are expressions of the children's inner feelings. No matter they are paintings with poetic and artistic imagination, or sketches of character portraits, they all show children's positive attitudes toward life and their expectations to the future. "

Ngodup, art teacher of these children, told the reporter that these disabled children are very sensitive to colors and figures, and they can accurately seize the features of the characters. "We have two art classes every week, and I teach them how to paint in sign language or visualized teaching aids. It will take five to six weeks for the children to finish their works. Among all the children attending the art class, the eldest ones are in high school now, and the youngest in primary schools," said Ngodup.

The Tibet Special Educational School based in Lhasa was founded on Dec.1, 2000. Being the only comprehensive special education school concentrating on education for blind children, deaf children, and mentally retarded children, the school has Pre-school Section, Primary School Section, Junior Middle School Section, and the Vocational Education Section. It implements the policy of Nine-year Compulsory Education, and shoulders the responsibility of education for disabled children in Tibet Autonomous Region.

From: China Tibet Online


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