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08:33 Sep 28 2011

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Gov't to further standardize Tibetan medicine
08:32, September 28, 2011  

The government will further accelerate the pace of standardizing the traditional Tibetan medicinal herbs and pharmacy in the next five years, according to a national conference on supporting the development of Tibetan medicine.

The State Drug and Food Administration will step up its efforts to stipulate new standards or amend existing standards for Tibetan medicine, by giving greater policy support and more financial assistance to Tibet Autonomous Region, said Shao Mingli, director of the administration.

Furthermore, the administration will help the regional government in building up local assessment institutions and train professional workers in this field, Shao said.

Great efforts have been done in the past years to standardize Tibetan medicine. The autonomous region has accomplished the drafts of 100 standards on Tibetan pharmacy.

From: Xinhua


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