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10:30 Oct 31 2011

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Tibet in a foreign reporter's eyes
10:30, October 31, 2011  

"What I remembered as a rough two-lane road that ran through town and hosted an occasional vehicle was now a six-lane divided highway full of taxis, SUVs, trucks and buses," said a reporter from talking about his impression when he approached Lhasa, capital city of Tibet Autonomous Region.

"Adding to all these changes, the effects of climate change are accelerating on the Tibetan Plateau. With the exception of the North and South Poles, Tibet's glaciers hold the largest body of frozen water on earth and serve as Asia's 'water tower.' "

According to the reporter, in spite of all the massive changes occurring in Tibet, the devotion of the Tibetan people to their Buddhist practice appears as strong as ever. The number of pilgrims making their way to their sacred sites -- like the Jokhang Temple and Mount Kailash -- have actually increased in the last two years.

"In the mornings and afternoons I watched thousands of Tibetans, even elders crippled with bad hips and knees, make their daily walks around stupas, temples and mountains, spinning their prayer wheels and chanting their mantra, 'Om Mani Padme Hum'".

"My questions focused on their devotional practice, their adoption of technology and the challenges they face as a result of the changing climate."

From: China Tibet Online


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