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17:17 Nov 01 2011

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Diverse food embodies Lhasa's prosperity
16:58, November 01, 2011  

Lhasa, capital of Tibet Autonomous Region, is becoming an international and cosmopolitan city with its exchange with inland areas and foreign countries.

Lhasa's diverse diet completely reflects its prosperity.

Tibetan butter, tea, Zanba (a kind of roasted highland barley flour), and red meat (beef and mutton) are known as four treasures of Tibet's diet. In the past, Tibetans only had such food and drink with few vegetables, but now their diet has been changing.

Various restaurants come into sight in streets, including Tibetan teahouse, Sichuan Food and even foreign fast food.

Many domestic and foreign tourists come to Tibetan teahouses to have traditional Tibetan food and drink, such as buttered tea, yak meat, and Zanba.

Meanwhile, local Tibetans have meals in other restaurants, for example Dicos, an American fast food restaurant. There are a couple of Dicos restaurants in Lhasa and locals, especially kids, like to have chips, fried chicken and hamburgers there.

Lhasa is an inclusive city with people from different places to live and build new Tibet.

From: China Tibet Online

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