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14:43 Nov 02 2011

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Son of Himalaya - Sherpa
14:43, November 02, 2011  

Sherpa people live at an altitude of 4,700 meters in Solukhumbu region and they are adapted to an environment with extreme oxygen deficiency.

Sherpas love mountaineering and they are ready to help others to realize their dream of conquering the world's high peak as well.
For example, their lung capacity is so amazing that a Western reporter once joked that Sherpa people have three lung lobes. And their blood pressure is very low, which ensures adequate blood supply to the brain. They have longer upper bodies than their legs.

Featuring good physical conditions and great endurance of hardship, Sherpas have served mountaineers as guides or porters since the 1920s.

Arthur Wakefield, a British mountaineer who was astonished by the Sherpa's mountaineering talent that he once wrote about Sherpa people: "A team made up of elderly, women, boys and girls in Sherpa march on the altitude of 6,000 meters. They carry 30-kilograms' goods with ease and some women even carry a child! These 'mountain porters' sleep outside of the tent at night, only finding a big rock for sheltering, they seem never to care about low temperature below zero. "

One year, on the road of a well-equipped expedition team to the summit of Mount Qomolangma, they camed across a barefoot Sherpa boy ran down from the top of the hill. One climber asked the boy why risked his life to go up the hill and the junior answered "I am looking around to find my cattle who missed its way last night". Therefore, don't look down upon any Sherpa, he or she may be the future climber's guide!

One Sherpa mountain porter recalled his experience and said that "I don't like the word 'conquer'. Mt. Qomolangma is regarded as holy as a fairy maiden. How can it be conquered by human beings?" the man added, "Every time when the ice axe pounded into the precipice, I would pray to the God of Mountain for forgiving."

From: China Tibet Online

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