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14:59 Nov 03 2011

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Youth extracurricular clubs set in 74 Tibetan counties
14:58, November 03, 2011  

All counties in Tibet have been equipped with extracurricular theaters for students, and the aim of "every county has youth extracurricular theater" has been fulfilled, source from the Department of Education of Tibet Autonomous Region (TAR).

To enrich Tibetan youth's extracurricular activities and boost their cultural and scientific qualities, the central government has allocated 217 million yuan to support the establishment of youth extracurricular clubs in all counties of Tibet since the first batch of four extracurricular theaters were set up in 2003.

Tibet local government has poured 10,000 yuan of operation fee for each extracurricular theater in carrying out all kinds of activities and personnel training.

Currently, every extracurricular club can offer series of recreational and sports activities, such as painting, Tibetan chess, computer learning, playing basketball, plateau tap dance and etc. All these activities will be open to Tibetan youth in farming and pastoral areas for free.

After achieving the aim of "every county with a youth extracurricular club" in Tibet, "youth cultural palace in rural schools" would be set during the 12th "Five-Year-Plan" (2011-2015) so that more students in Tibetan remote areas are able to enjoy colorful recreational and sports activities.

Currently, Department of education of TAR had determined the first batch of 23 youth cultural palaces would be built in rural schools, covering seven regions (cities) of Tibet.

From: China Tibet Online

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