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16:08 Nov 04 2011

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"Power to Go" photo exhibition opens
16:07, November 04, 2011  

After the "Power to Go" hiking campaign in Tibet, ponsored by Chen Kun, "Power to go" 2011 photo exhibition opened on Thursday at the UNIONART gallery in Beijing 798 Art Zone. More than 80 photographic works are exhibited.

At the opening ceremony, Chen Kun, a leading actor in China, raised money by painting by himself and donated 100,000 yuan to help the sick children in Tibet. Through that, he hoped more people could join him.

"Power to go" hiking campaign is the first public service project launched by Chen's company, aiming to call for people to actively go out and get positive energy through walking. "1+N" going to Tibet was its first station. On the "roof of the world", Chen and university volunteers walked for 11 days. At the same time of challenging their physical limits, they tried their best to help Tibet children, families, and schools, spread intangible cultural heritage of Tibet.

The whole tour covered about 115 kilometers, and they walked through Serawoze Mountain, Yamzhog Yumco Lake, Ganden Monastery, Samye Monastery and other places, with an average altitude of over 4500 meters. Every precious image on their way, such as the natural scenery and customs are recorded through the lens. Those beautiful photographs are selected and exhibited to review the significance of walking during the tour through image language.

From: China Tibet Online

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