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08:27 Mar 02 2012

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Kundeling paints mosaic "Yamataka Mandala" with sand
08:26, March 02, 2012  

Monks work attentively on the colorful "yamataka mandala" sand painting at the Kundeling Monastery. [Photo/]
Kundeling Monastery, one of the most prominent monasteries in Lhasa has completed a colorful "yamataka mandala" sand painting for the losar festival ritual.

The painting of a sand mandala is required to follow strict rules of proportion, structure and content. The work was started on the fourth day of the Tibetan January and took five days to finish.

The round-shaped mandala concept originates from the Indian Esoterism, usually painted by hand or with colorful sand, or carved on wood.

It has been a tradition for the Kundeling Monastery under the Geluk Order of Tibetan Buddhism to paint and consecrate sand madalas during the New Year period.

The completed sand mandala will be used for certain Buddhist rituals in the following seven days.

From: China Tibet Online


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