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08:28 Mar 02 2012

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Book telling Tibetans' outlook on world published
08:27, March 02, 2012  

The cover of the book titled "Ultimate Hidden Buddhist Scriptures", or "Zui Hou de Fu Zang" in Chinese. [Photo/China Tibet Online]
A book reflecting Tibetan people's unique outlook on life and the world was officially published by the Yunnan People's Publishing House in February.

Titled "Ultimate Hidden Buddhist Scripture", or "Zui Hou de Fu Zang" in Chinese, the book was written by Li Cheng, vice chairman of Ganan Literary and Art Circles in northwestern China's Gansu Province.

It tells stories happened in a secluded mountain village called Munadao, harbor of horse thieves, beggars, leprosy patients and tramps.

At the begining of the story, conflicts often happened among villagers because of diversed traditions and customs. At last, Ake Luoze, chief of the village, decided to build an Utopian land for the villagers. He reclaimed a unruly horse team from vice, led the villagers to knock over all difficulties and at last build a new big family where people of different ethnic groups can live harmoniously and enjoy equality while remaining their own traditions and custom.

The book is divided into 32 chapters and contains dozens of color illustrations, drawn by Taiao Jimei, a Tibetan painter whose works have been inscribed into the Guinness World Records.

From: China Tibet Online


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