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08:27 Mar 20 2012

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How the Dalai clique incites self-immolation
08:26, March 20, 2012  

The Dalai clique's behaviour of inciting self-immolation has aroused strong opposition from all domestic social sectors. At the same time, it has also aroused opposition from some foreign media, including some media who habitually refuse to speak fairly for China but begin to reflect and pose questions. The oppositions are also from Netizens who severely condemn the Dalai clique's crimes against humanity.

Under the pressure, the Dalai Lama kept silent on the annual March 10 meeting held in Dharamsala, instead, the new leader of "government in exile" came forward to argue that "the Dalai Lama and Central Tibetan Administration has never encouraged such aggressive actions".

However, in this rally, the pseudo-parliament issued a statement, which declared that "a person's body burning in a fully conscious circumstance is after careful consideration and is full of faith, including a thorough self-thinking, faith and courage, it is especially so when a person's motivation of self-sacrifice is for the benefit of others ". There is no doubt that his words are praise and encouragement to self-immolation, it represents the intention of Dalai Lama himself who is present.

The author simplely looked at the information at hand and recorded the recent events including the Dalai Lama and its clique's criminal behavior of inciting the self-immolation, the foreign media's condemnation to self-immolation, and netizens' indignation to the Dalai clique.

On October 19, 2011, the Dalai Lama held a prayer meeting for the self-immolators in Dharamsala, India , and he took the initiative to fast for a day to show support to the self-immolators and to cheer his small group on. Since then the Dalai Lama and everyone around him advocate self-immolation more and more unscrupulously.

On November 3, 2011, according to repots from of the Dalai clique, Tibetan Youth Congress leader said,"These unprecedented actions of the Tibetans are ultimate embodiment of the nonviolent movement; the Tibetan Youth Congress values their sacrifice highly."

On November 10, 2011, Deutsche Welle, the Taiwan Central News Agency and the website of "Tibetan government in exile" and other media reported that the representative of Dalai Lama in Taiwan said, "From the Buddhist point of view, such behavior as they did belongs to the acts of martyrdom, which is a very noble and altruistic devotion behavior.

So, in essence, their behavior is not contrary to the Dharma; instead, it is a dedication ". The "Tibet Religious Foundation of the Dalai Lama" published articles to concoct a theoretical basis for self-immolation, saying that self-immolation "does not violate the religious doctrine" and "self-immolation is the Bodhisattva".

On November 11, 2011, Kirti Rinpoche accepted an interview with the media of the evil cult "Falun Gong" abroad. He said, "Self-immolation behavior is for well-being benefits of the six million Tibetans and is altruism that Buddhism advocates."

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