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08:37 Mar 22 2012

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Tibet adopts artificial breeding method to protect forest resources
08:37, March 22, 2012  

A technician checks the wild-simulated Ganoderma lucidum, a kind of fungus which can be made into precious medicinal herbs, at a wild-simulated breeding base of Nyingchi Prefecture in the southeast of Tibet Autonomous Region on March 20, 2012. [Photo/Xinhua]
Tibet Autonomous Region adopted an artificial breeding method to cultivate wild species and protect local unique forest resources at a wild-simulated breeding base, according to Xinhua.

More than 30 kinds of forest products have been raised at the wild-cultivation breeding base in southeast Tibet's Nyingchi Prefecture since it was established in 2005.

The technicians summed up their technical experience and imparted it to local farmers so as to change their usual practice of living on local resources and protect Nyingchi's unique forest resources.

Nyingchi is abundant in forest resources as a result of its mild climate and fertile soil and thus, it's dubbed as Tibet's Jiangnan.

Jiangnan usually refers to the regions south of the Yangtze River which boast of beautiful landscapes and rich resources.

From: China Tibet Online


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