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08:49 Mar 22 2012

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Netizens indignant with Dalai clique for inciting self-immolation
08:40, March 22, 2012  

Netizens from both China and abroad expressed their indignations toward the Dalai clique for inciting successive self-immolations in recent months in SW. China's Tibetan-inhabited areas.

Most netizens feel distressed for the innocent lives passing away, while criticizing the Dalai Lama and his followers for committing the sin of murdering indirectly but for ulterior motives.

A netizen with the screen name "tingting" posted in the Chinese Forum of BBC saying, "I am a Chinese working in New Delhi, India, I met many Tibetan exiles here, and feel that they have been brainwashed. Do not make useless sacrifice any more! Cherish your life! I have never seen an "eminent monk" set himself alight, but only young monks. Is it because the faith of "eminent monks" is not as firm as that of the young ones? It is such a sin to incite unsophisticated young people to make sacrifice!"

Some netizens kindly remind the Dalai Lama that he should "take self-examination and recall what benefit he had brought to the Tibetans in his whole life. Have you ever encouraged Tibetan children to go to school? Have you ever tried, even once, to promote new technology? You have visited all western countries, but have you ever recommended any cooperative programs?

Who do you do everything for? Forget about it, no one will like you except the Western countries. Have you ever feel sorry for the innocent lives lost in self-immolation incidents? Do you think you are still 'qualified' to be a monk? I suggest you should make good use of your later years to reflect on what you can do for the people and for their posterity."

Inciting self-immolation is an evil act of violence and terrorism, which has been widely recognized by netizens.

A netizen with the screen name "Just woke up" on pointed out that encouraging grass-roots members to burn themselves is a departure from democracy; it is also a kind of contempt for human rights; it is designed to deepen the hatred. As an inhumane act of terrorism, it directly endangers the safety of people's lives.

According to the netizen, self-imolators are in essence the same with terrorist organizations who use suicide bombers.

Some netizens said more directly, "Aren't terrorists pursuing their beliefs with suicidal behavior? The Dalai Lama is a cult leader." They also said that "instigating others to self-immolate is evil and selfish," and "sacrificing others' lives to fight against the Communist Party of China is completely contrary to the principles of Western democracy".

"Why doesn't the Dalai Lama immolate himself?" This is the most common and intense question from netizens.

A netizen named Quinn said on the, "The Dalai clique dubs those who died from self-immolation as 'brave heroes', but senior monks in Dharamsala just talk about it, but never do the same thing for support."

A netizen named "Dushanyibajian" for said, " As he praised the self-immolation, why doesn’t he do it as an example? Definitely if you kill yourself, your supporters and followers will surely 'succeed'."

Another netizen named "Diving for a long time" said the problem lies in that the Dalai Lama is not willing to immolate himself; he just uses money to cheat a few and to find a few "death squads".

Some netizens said on, "Why doesn't the Dalai Lama kill himself? Those who set themselves on fire should think about it. This is the true face of the Dalai Lama: he doesn't take the lead but just abets others to commit suicide!"

Netizens' resentment and irony to those ugly behaviors of Dalai clique are too more to read. The above are only a few examples.

The Dalai Lama wants to live for long; he even said that he will live for 113 years. He often inspires his men to hold ceremonies for him to bless a "long-live" Dalai Lama. But, as a kind man, he should not only cherish his own life, but also the life of everyone else.

A great Chinese writer named Luxun once said that "the one who is still alive has no right to persuade others to die". The Dalai Lama and his followers should know this simple but profound logic.

If they do not want to burn themselves, they should not instigate others to do so. Otherwise, they will sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.

From: China Tibet Online


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