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14:32 Apr 12 2012

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Charity starts for children with heart disease in NW Tibet
08:27, April 11, 2012  

Pupils queue up for the screening at a local school in northwest Tibet's Ngari Prefecture. [Photo/]
A charity launching ceremony was held to aid children with congenital heart disease in northwest Tibet's Ngari Prefecture on April 9, 2012, according to Tencent.

The two medical teams of the charity, initiated by a famous Chinese actress named Fan Bingbing, are expected to screen 3 to 17 year old children for congenital heart disease across the prefecture in five days.

"The public welfare can help those needy people," said Ms. Fan. "I feel vey happy to take part in such activities."

The two medical teams set about screening as soon as they arrived at the Ngari Gunsa airport, about 4,300 meters above sea level, on April 8 and by that evening, they had screened over 1,000 children with 17 diagnosed to have congenital heart disease.

The 17 little patients will receive free surgeries in Beijing or Shanghai soon, according to a worker of Ms. Fan's office.

Besides, they met with five children who received heart treatment at Beijing Huaxin Hospital, the First Hospital of Tsinghua University, during the screening.

One of them, Tsering Chokyi aged 12, was carried to the intensive care unit after the surgery but the present recheck found all of the five made a good recovery.

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