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15:09 Apr 14 2012

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First Tibetan village gains access to Internet
08:45, April 13, 2012  

Tibetan villagers try out a laptop at Tangdi Village, Bayi Township, Nyingchi Prefecture, southeast of Tibet Autonomous Region. [Photo/]
A launching ceremony was held for a pilot project to provide network services for a Tibetan village in southwest China's Tibet Autonomous Region on April 10, 2012, China Tibet News reported.

Dressed in traditional costumes, local villagers waited early for the ceremony at the cultural square of Tangdi Village, Nyingchi Prefecture, southeast of Tibet.

Cai Jiahua, secretary of Nyingchi County Party Committee, and Butsering, general manager of the Nyingchi branch of China Telecom, unveiled the plaque for the project at the ceremony.

A total of 700, 000 yuan (111,090 U.S. dollars) was invested in the network installation, broadband into people's homes, Tibetan-language web development and other follow-up tasks by the Nyingchi branch of China Telecom.

Another 100, 000 yuan (15,870 U.S. dollars) was raised to purchase 33 computers and other supporting facilities by the county procuratorate and the work team stationed at the village.

Skill training was also arranged for local villagers by the Nyingchi branch and work team.

The Internet has become a main channel for people to obtain information and this network installation project will enable villagers to learn knowledge and master skills so as to increase their income and improve life, said Tsagya, head of Nyingchi County.

Phurbu Tsering, a local village, made a speech on behalf of his fellows and said that they would make good use of the computers to work hard for a better-off life.

From: China Tibet Online


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