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15:37 Mar 12 2009

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15:36, March 12, 2009  

In the summer of 2005, I went to Tibet, a place I had always longed to visit. When I raised my camera and zoomed in on each and every Tibetan, I found their eyes were so friendly and peaceful.

Hospitable Tibetans often invited me into their homes to take a look at their present level of prosperity. I could feel that the enthusiasm of my hosts was sincere, and that their feelings of happiness came from the bottom of their hearts. I used my camera to record this heartfelt joyfulness. This picture of singing and dancing is one of the photographs I took.

My Han Chinese companions, who were also invited into the ethnic Tibetan households, were treated like family members by the ethnic Tibetans. They were made to feel right at home. Many Tibetans can speak fluent Chinese and there are a lot of ethnic Hans that are proficient in both Tibetan language and culture.

The characteristics of ethnic culture in Tibet have been preserved very well. Magnificent temples with flickering candle light and air filled with the aroma of ghee, as well as sutra streamers, piles of Mani stones and people turning prayer wheels can be seen everywhere.

After returning to Sweden, many friends asked me to tell them about my experiences in Tibet. I told them that Tibet is as beautiful as paradise. It has poetic plateaus, a long-standing and unique culture, as well as Tibetans living real happy and joyful lives.

Now, I still have a dream, to visit Tibet again someday.

By People's Daily Online

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